What a better way to celebrate Gift-Wrapping for Christmas than getting a hand wrapped Furrer Jacot Carbon Ring

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December 21, 2015
Furrer Jacot

Furrer Jacot launched the Carbon Fiber Wedding Band Collection in 2012 and ever since this collection has enjoyed tremendous success. What sets these designs apart from any other carbon jewelry in the market is that we hand wrap our carbon fiber around the precious metal bands instead of just using industrial pre-cut carbon wrapped pieces. Like with all our handcrafted rings, this follows our tradition of doing it our unique and true way, where every Furrer Jacot band is produced in-house; in our manifacture in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Holiday season is about what we do one for another. Even if it is once a year (and yes that is way less than enough), we do take time to plan and choose gifts, sit in a car, wait in line, sit in a car again, come home and then think about person – what color they like, would they appreciate a bow, are they expecting exactly what you got, what if they don’t’ like and the thinking goes with a motion of wrapping. We wrap up and tied out thoughts with gifting paper, all kind of ribbons and small envelopes. Sealed.
Furrer Jacot hand wrapped carbon seals thoughts and bounds as well- hand wrapped - we thought of you. 


Following our over 155 years history of artisanship of building outstanding luxury products, our bands will stay with its owners for a lifetime and can be even handed on to the next generation. Our Carbon is extremely durable and the beauty of the product is that each ring is individually a bit different due to the hand wrapping.
Having added even more designs to the Carbon band collection this year, the offering shows numerous styles, which are perfect as a wedding band or friendship ring or just as a cool weekend ring.

The black Carbon looks very stylish in combination with white – Platinum, 18k White Gold or 950 Palladium, and very luxurious in combination with the warm 18k rose gold. Some of these pieces we are featuring here - the perfect gift, as their shinny and rich look warm up the Season. A gift to say to the special one: "with you I share this incredible bond for a lifetime".

Happy Holidays from the whole Furrer Jacot Team!