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July 18, 2013
Furrer Jacot

The Royal Jacot Fingerprint Engraving!


What do you give to a mother celebrating the arrival of her first child, who has everything one can imagine in worldly goods. What do you give to a mother and future Queen?

In the whole world, nothing is more personal for the mother than the special touch of the newborn. Celebrating the birth of the third heir to the British throne and all the babies born this July 2013, FJ is proposing this special gift for the mothers: The Royal Jacot Fingerprint Engraving.

Imagine a beautiful Furrer Jacot ring presented to the mother adorned with the fingerprint of the child, to be worn on the right hand: making her feel the special touch of being a mother.

This special bond that is so unique of a gift that can be shared between a mother and child for life. A Furrer Jacot ring that will last through the ages.