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January 5, 2015
Furrer Jacot

A Visit to Schaffhausen and FJ Headquarters


We at  Furrer Jacot are so proud of our rich 155 year history that we always like to invite our best retailers to visit our headquarters in Switzerland to meet the Furrer Jacot team and experience for themselves the passion that we all share about our jewelry.  Our visitors always enjoy a fascinating tour around the Furrer Jacot factory in Schaffhausen where they can see for themselves the journey that every unique ring makes within its walls - a must see for any jewelry fan!

Last month we had the opportunity to share the history behind Furrer Jacot’s philosophy with Michelle DeMaio (Long’s Jewelers ~ Burlington, Massachusetts) and Deborah McAtee (Borsheims Jewelers ~ Omaha, New England) both from the US.

A guided tour through the idyllic medieval town of Schaffhausen allowed the ladies to explore the beautiful surroundings and see how the landscape influences the designs that are then handcrafted here. The Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, is a must see for all visitors to the region and it provided the perfect backdrop to Michelle and Deborah's lunch on day one. 


“The villages of Schaffhausen and Lucerne and their rich histories, shown to us by a private tour guide was an unexpected treat!  How lucky we were to have tours tailored for us!” – enthused Deborah McAtee, Sales Associate at Borsheims.

Day Two was spent admiring Furrer Jacots’s “Swiss-made Production" within the Furrer Jacot workshops.  Both guests learnt how Furrer Jacot produces all pieces, using top-quality materials, to the exact specifications of its chief designer in line with strict ethical standards.  Moving smoothly from workshop to workshop, each ring is worked on by a complete chain of professional craftsmen, from designers and model-makers to goldsmiths, stone setters, lathe operators, polishers and engravers.

The ladies met Lucas Ruppli, Head of Design and Walter Häeusermann, Owner and President of Furrer Jacot and then with help from one of our skilled goldsmiths, Michelle and Deborah were able to help create their very own Furrer Jacot rings.

“Meeting Lucas was so interesting; we were able to see how he creates a design and tranforms sketches of scenes from nature into magnificent rings and award winning one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.  It has turned my love of the Furrer-Jacot brand into a passion!”


We believe that giving retailers this experience is the best way illustrate the inspiration behind all our collections. Furrer Jacot always works hard to preserve our unique knowledge of traditional handskills, which has been passed down over the generations, and then marry these to the most innovative techniques of today's manufacturing processes.  We hope that all our visitors leave the factory with a good understanding of the ethos behind the brand having seen how Furrer Jacot continues to stay true to its values.