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September 19, 2014
Furrer Jacot

A Whirlwind Romance in Idaho

We love a romantic story at Furrer Jacot! 

After all, the company's ethos of creating perfect jewellery to seal a betrothal has continued since the loving partnership between Fritz Furrer and Luceinne Jacot over a hundred years ago.  This wonderful story tells how two love birds, Katie and Jake, from Meridian, ID unexpectedly found true love. 

Katie was sitting in church when she first laid eyes on Jake and she leaned over to her friends and said: "Look there’s my future husband". 

Little did she know...


"I went to any church activity to see him and try to get him to talk to me. When we finally got to talk a little, it was love from there. We were engaged within three months and we got married about four months after we met!" said Katie. 

Although Katie liked yellow gold, Jake proposed with a platinum engagement ring!   "When I went to buy him a platinum band, I fell in love with an incredible Furrer Jacot ring! Its quality and style is just perfect for him!"

Katie chose a unique Furrer Jacot platinum carbon fiber band with a rose gold edge from Simmons Fine Jewelry, in Idaho. (71-29260-0-0, Platinum 950, 18K Rose Gold and carbon fiber).

Jake's wedding ring, Meridian Idaho

Each beginning is truly unique and beautiful.  We at Furrer Jacot are delighted to hear that Katie and Jake chose a Furrer Jacot ring, as an expression of their special love for each other.  We would like to wish Katie and Jake Moyle all the best for their future together.