The 46thAnnual LGBT Pride Parade

A unique craftsmanship that has been developed for over 150 years; all of us at Furrer Jacot understand the hard work that is invested and needed to gain acceptance and recognition.


Couture Show 2016

Furrer Jacot will be participating at this year Couture Show at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas starting at June 2nd. As a fine jewelry designer Furrer Jacot will introduce our new collection at the show – The Millgrain Collection


Furrer Jacot Wedding Band Photo Shoot LGBT / New York

If you live in New York City then surely you are used to blocked streets for a movie shooting, catering cars and trailers tracks parked along your block. The crowd that gathers to see a celebrity even though celebrities are never there, but you read about their appearance at the local coffee shop next morning in your AM newspaper.


What a better way to celebrate Gift-Wrapping for Christmas than getting a hand wrapped Furrer Jacot Carbon Ring


Another reason why precious metals matter


We handcraft rings for Everyone

Priding ourselves for over 155 years, we at Furrer Jacot welcome all couples in love to create their perfect wedding bands symbolizing their eternal bond and journey together.


Valentine’s Day 2015

Furrer Jacot has hand crafted unique and high quality weddings bands and engagement rings since 1858. Along with this tradition and a touch of the latest modern technology, Furrer Jacot’s bands stand for eternal love. Being partners for almost 18 years, Elsie and Christina, mothers of 4-year-old Meredith, is the epitome of the most incredible bonds.


Letter from our CEO, Walter Häusermann

Why Carbon Fiber — Why Furrer-Jacot Men’s Jewelry?


Geoffrey’s Diamonds and Furrer Jacot United for the Lung Cancer Foundation

Furrer Jacot presented the tournament winners with the “A Breath Away From the Cure” ring set with a diamond symbolizing air.