Another reason why precious metals matter

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June 1, 2015
Furrer Jacot

The other day I got a bad cut from the lid of a can. Not realizing at the time there was this razor sharp lid in the trash bag and it cut me like a knife blade deep into my ring finger.

Looking at it, it was clear my finger needed some stitches and I headed off to the nearest Emergency Room. 

Luckily I was able to pull my engagement ring and wedding band off my finger and over the wound before the doctor proceeded to stitch up my finger. It made me think about the accidents that would make ones finger swell to such a point that the only option for taking off the engagement ring or the wedding band is to have the ring(s) cut completely off in the emergency room.

But what happens if it is impossible to cut through the metal? Tungsten, for instance, is still often offered as a great alternative to precious metal wedding bands for various reasons. However the downside of Tungsten is that it will shatter when the ring falls on a marble floor and – coming back to emergency room – it is impossible to cut it off ones finger as well.  

So, future wedding band wearers consider this risk when you choose a Tungsten band or any other band that can't be cut open – as the jewelry piece you will wear every day of your life.


We at Furrer Jacot have always believed in working only with precious metals; not only because the symbolization of precious metal of the special bond of two people in love, it also has the most beautiful luster for a jewelry piece and – after all – can be cut if the ring needs to come off a finger. We only work with precious metals such as the highly concentrated Platinum 950, 18k Gold and highly concentrated Palladium 950. While they are certainly a bit softer than Tungsten, we do everything possible in the production process to make our bands very condensed and durable.

Regarding our unique Carbon Ring Collection, the Carbon is hand wrapped around the precious metal wedding band. Here again, you can cut the ring – it will not look attractive – but it certainly will be the least of your worries when it is about your finger you want to save.

So what to do if you find yourself with a destroyed ring? Go see your authorized Furrer Jacot dealer who will be in contact with us. We will take your destroyed band back and for a small exchange cost depending on your metal, will supply you with a brand new ring. After all, we have been crafting rings for over 155 years – a visit to the Emergency Room won't stop us from providing you with a beautiful band you will continue to wear every day.


Beatrice de Quervain

Furrer Jacot

President North America