The Success Story of Carbon Fiber

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December 21, 2015
Furrer Jacot

At the forefront of cutting edge design



Launching the Carbon Fiber Wedding Band Collection back in 2012, Furrer Jacot was one of the first jewellery designers to discover the wonders of Carbon Fiber.  So intrigued by this new material, the designers developed new methods of manufacture to take advantage of this exciting new material's characteristics.  Ever since, this collection has enjoyed tremendous success, proving that Furrer Jacot maintains its place at the cutting edge of innovative design.

What sets these designs apart from any other carbon jewelry on the market?

While other jewellery designers have since jumped on the band wagon, Furrer Jacot worked hard to develop a premium product, unsurpassed by its competitors. Instead of glueing in place pre-cut industrial sheets of carbon, we carefully wrap a continuous carbon fiber filament around the precious metal by hand which results in a extremely durable finish and creates a beautifully unique appearance to each ring.  The end result may look textured, but the finish is actually smooth.  And every ring is unique! 

Carbon rings in gold, platinum and palladium with diamonds Furrer Jacot

The black Carbon makes a stylish partnership with all of the precious metals.  Popular combined with any of the white metals – Platinum, 18k White Gold or 950 Palladium, carbon makes a luxurious combination with the warm 18k Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.  And if you can't choose between these options, there are designs featuring a mixture.

Rings in gold, platinum, palladium, carbon and black with diamonds Furrer Jacot

Following our 155 year old tradition of creating outstanding luxury products, our rings are built to last a lifetime - they can even be handed on to the next generation. Lightweight, extremely durable, true and unique - the beauty is that each ring is totally individually due to the hand wrapping.

By adding more designs to the collection, you can be sure that Furrer Jacot continue to offer you the best in carbon fibre design with a variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion.