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Individually made Swiss products, high ethical standards and the very best quality: These are the irrefutable values for which FURRER JACOT is known. The uniqueness and exclusivity of their jewellery are of the highest importance to our clients," observes Lucas Ruppli, FURRER JACOT's international prize-winning head designer, who has been with the company for more than 20 years (since the beginning of his training as a goldsmith!)

Furrer Jacot

Love is an all-consuming emotion, intense and yet indefinable, a powerful but invisible bond that joins two souls. Throughout history it has been symbolised by a shape that has no beginning and no end: the circle. Furrer Jacot expresses this promise of eternity in exceptional rings crafted from the most precious alloys. Brought to life by artisans with a zeal for perfection, each jewel is the only one of its kind, reflecting the unique nature of each emotion, each emotional bond and each life story. One such story began in 1858, ultimately leading to the union of Fritz Furrer and Lucienne Jacot. Today, 150 years on, the House of Furrer Jacot continues to perpetuate its founders’ vision, creating rare jewels that symbolise a vow, a shared hope, and happiness itself: a bond forever.


As a modern manufacturer, FURRER JACOT meets its high standards of quality and exclusivity because every single step in the production process is assured by specialists in its own workshops. What does this mean in practice? Under the direction and guidance of the head designer, a complete chain of professional craftsmen from model makers, goldsmiths and diamond setters to turners, polishers and engravers collaborates in-house on every piece in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. "The fact that every single step is carried out seamlessly by specialised craftsmen guarantees the unique combination of traditional inherited know-how and the most innovative technologies. The result is precious and unforgettable jewellery of maximum quality and individuality."


Enjoy the "World of Furrer-Jacot" when visiting our booth at one of the major bridal shows or a bridal fair at one of our leading retailers. During the event period you will have the chance to experience an exceptional collection of Furrer Jacot products. We are looking forward to your visit.

Lifetime warranty

Furrer Jacot products are worn for generations. Therefore, we appreciate your purchase as the beginning of a lifelong partnership. Furrer Jacot does not only provide you with the statutory guarantee for material and processing errors. We also give you a permanent warranty against material and workmanship errors upon registering on our website. Using your certificate stamped and properly filled in at an authorised jeweller‘s, you should input the relevant information on our website to obtain the permanent warranty.

Custom made rings

Furrer Jacot offer you the exclusive opportunity of having your ring made to your own personal design. You tend to a certain model, but would like a special touch? You prefer a different surface, or more or less stones? You want your ring narrower - or bolder, or made of different metals? Our jewellers will be happy to discuss the options with you. Options that are not limited to simple rings, but can also be applied to sophisticated and extravagant designs. In special cases, our designer will contact you directly, so that you, your jeweller and we can arrive at YOUR optimum design –technically feasible and consistent with our high quality standards. We at Furrer Jacot work on every piece individually like a house of haute couture to give it its unique character. Please take advantage of this offer. It will be our pleasure.