The Royal Jacot Fingerprint Engraving!

What do you give to a mother and future Queen? Imagine a beautiful Furrer Jacot ring adorned with the fingerprint of the child, to be worn on the right hand! A unique of a gift that will last through the ages.


Same-Sex Engagements, Weddings & Marriages: Old Rules, New Traditions

Whether gay couples want to get married or not, the important thing is that before the choice was made for them: they had no choice, no marriage, and no dream. Now they have the option to say “yes” or “no”.


Furrer Jacot Unique Swiss Made Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings Collection

Our exclusive carbon fiber collection has rings that are perceptibly distinguished by a passion for detail, outstanding craftsmanship and the most innovative production methods.


A Visit to Furrer Jacot's Factory in Schaffhausen, Switzerland!

Jamie Faitelson takes us inside of Furrer Jacot's headquarters and gives us a sneak peek at how they handcraft high end, luxury customized wedding rings for 155 years!


We Will Be at the Ultimate Ring Event, by I. Gorman Jewelers, in Washington DC

Furrer Jacot is bringing our luxury wedding and engagement rings collection to the Ultimate Ring Event, organized by I. Gorman Jewelers, in Washington DC, on the weekend of April 12th and 13th, 2013.


Furrer Jacot Novelties 2013 – Check Out Our New Releases!

Just in time for the “wedding madness”, we have launched a new collection of wedding rings. Learn about our new releases and all you need to know about the most important jewelry of your life!


Furrer Jacot Joins The Annual Wedding Band Weekend, in Burlington (MA)

Furrer Jacot attended the Annual Wedding Band Weekend, promoted by Long's Jewelers, in Burlington (MA), where thousands of grooms were able to find and customize their dream wedding rings.


Luxury for Life – (Pause) Only for the Ones Who Are One of a Kind

A ring is a statement, and there is a huge difference between regular rings and unique luxury rings –a difference, which is not always associated with price. Get to know why Furrer Jacot rings are something special.


Why Do We Wear Engagement & Wedding Rings?

After the marriage proposal, exchanging rings is one of the most traditional part of a wedding ceremony in many different cultures. Understand why do we nowadays still wear wedding and engagement rings.